Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country on the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. When a person plans to migrate to Saudi Arabia for study or employment purposes it is mandatory to attest your documents from the Saudi embassy. Saudi Arabia needs compulsory Saudi Embassy Attestation. All Indian educational and Non educational documents which are intended to be used in Saudi need to be attested from the Saudi embassy / Saudi consulate in India.

Why document should be attested from the Saudi Embassy?

  • To get the employment visa
  • To get family residence visa
  • To get higher education
  • To get the admission in school in Saudi
  • Process to get attest the document from Saudi Embassy

There are various ways to attest the document from the Saudi Embassy. The process of attestation will depend upon the nature of the document and purpose of attestation

Attestation Procedures for Saudi Arabia on Educational Certificates:

1St Step: Human Resource Development (HRD) Attestation from Concerned State Government

Each and every State has their own attestation process of HRD. For example HRD of Kerala is done by Norka roots organisation. If it is from Tamil Nadu, HRD is done by the Home Department. Respective state authorized body verifies the documents/certificates like HRD, GAD, etc. for further processing

2nd Step: Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Once state had verified the document, MEA verifies and proceeds with their attestation so that its authenticity is verified for international purpose. MEA Attestation is the process which should be done from Indian Authorities before submission to Saudi Embassy.

3rd Step: Culture Attestation:

In case of Educational documents, Culture Attestation is undertaken by the Cultural division of The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. It is done after the MEA attestation. In Cultural attestation, The Cultural division of The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia cross verifies the authenticity of the particular educational document from the respective university itself through online or Offline.

4th Step: Embassy Attestation:

After the attestation from state and MEA is completed and cultural attestation is done in case of educational documents, the documents proceeds for Saudi Arabia Embassy attestation. Here the Embassy legalizes the document and authenticates it to be used in Saudi Arabia.

Non-Educational certificate Attestation for Saudi:

Type 1

  • State Home Department Attestation of concerned state or Sub Division Magistrate (SDM) from New Delhi.
  • Preparation of Arabic Translation from authorized Translator
  • Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
  • Attestation from The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi on original document and translation

Type 3 (Case Specific):

  • Attestation by Sub Division Magistrate (SDM), New Delhi
  • Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
  • Attestation from The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi on original document and translation

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