A birth certificate is an official document which contains details regarding birth of a child.It is the fundamental certificate of a person containing details of person like name, birthplace, sex, date of birth, parentage, etc.

Birth Certificate Attestation –

Birth certificate attestation is the process of verification of one’s birth certificate for international purposes by the authorised authorities. The birth certificate attestation is the process of confirming the genuinity of the certificate. So the attested certificate makes your travel smooth without any legal issues.

Why Birth Certificate Attestation??

Birth certificate attestation is a mandatory requirement while traveling outside the country or while applying for family visa in a foreign country. The document becomes a proof to prove the identity and relationship which should be attested when the couple plans migrate overseas with children for personal or professional needs.

  • To accompany your Children abroad.
  • To get dependant visa.
  • For employment.
  • For Higher Studies.
  • For resident visa
  • For applying passport for Kids

Important document necessary for birth certificate attestation are:

  • Original certificate.
  • Passport copy.

Most of the states in India especially Kerala, Karnataka state governments etc. had digitalized their birth certificates and it is available online, which could be downloaded with easy proceedings. Particularly in the state of Kerala, birth certificates issued under various Grama Panchayats, Taluks, Municipalities and Corporations are available online. So that you can obtain your birth certificate instantly through government website by searching with name, birth date and parents name. The online generated certificate will be containing QR code so that is valid equally even without any seal or sign. Such Certificates makes the attestation procedures easier as the authorities could verify it directly using QR Code. For assisting you to download your online generated Birth certificate , feel free to call us on -9567397477or send your details through whatsapp.

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