PCC means Police Clearance Certificate is a certificate issued by respective police authority/ police experts regarding the criminal status of a person. It is a confirmation issued by the nation of origin that the person is devoid of any criminal records or in any violations of legal code and rules of the nation. Criminal records may incorporate arrest, capture, conviction and conceivably court procedures. Simply, Police clearance certificate is a good conduct certificate issued by police authority of the nation of origin. It is called variously in each nation as police certificate, good conduct certificates, judicial records extracts, PCC, etc. PCC is a document required when you are planning to travel abroad for education or employment purposes.

Purposes of obtaining police clearance certificate:

  • For higher education purposes
  • For job/employment purposes.
  • For residence visa purposes.
  • For migration purposes, etc.

The host country demands police clearance certificate to ensure that the candidate is not in any ways harmful or destructive to nation’s integrity and security. The significance of the police clearance certificate is to keep the nation safe from external dangers and unlawful exercises. Police clearance certificate as a conduct certificate demonstrates the record of our past actions. Individual took part in any unlawful exercises in the nation of origin will not be qualified for a police clearance certificate. Since Police clearance certificate is an affirmation from police department, before issuing police clearance certificates the police experts/officers ensure that the individual is not mentioned in any of the criminal records and is not related to any criminal cases. Each and every nation carefully forbids unlawful or criminal operations in their nation. In this concept, PCC guarantees that the individual is a productive member of society or awful resident who is not a threat to hosting nation. So that , PCC ease your proceedings to abroad for the accomplishment of your educational and employment needs.

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